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California Mvskoke Connection goal is to bring culture, language and support services to our District 9 Citizens. We believe in building a strong relationships with our Nation's Leadership in order to advocate on behalf of our California District 9 Citizens.

Community Involvement

At California Mvskoke Connection, we are dedicated to partnering with local tribal organizations who provide services to our California District 9 Citizens. 

We participated in the unveiling of our Muscogee (Creek) Nation flag in the community center at United American Indian Involvement.


With this initiative, our goal is build stronger connections with Muscogee (Creek) Nation Leadership and Departments. This opportunity will give us the opportunity to communicate the needs and concerns of our District 9 citizens. Then we can start working together to bring solutions to building a stronger connection so no Mvskoke is ever left behind!

Culture and Language Preservation

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to preserve our Culture and Language.


. We will be working diligently to bring cultural and language opportunities to District 9. Our Culture and Language is our identity as Mvskokvlke

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Who We Are

California Mvskoke Connection’s mission is to advocate for California At-Large Community (District 9) citizens, building a deeper connection with Muscogee (Creek) Nation to uphold our culture, language, advocate for services, preserving the legacy of strong Mvskokvlke!

Interview with Mvskoke Vision

“If we are not getting invited to the table, we create our own table."



2019 MCN Election

Congratulations to our elected officials!!  California Mvskoke Connection looks forward to working with the newly elected Chief, 2nd Chief and National Council Seat A Representatives. 

Principal Chief - David Hill

2nd Chief - Dale Beaver

National Council Representatives - Seat A

Creek - Jospeh Hicks                                                         Muskogee - Mary Crawford                

Wagoner - Charles "Son" McHenry                                  Okmulgee - William Lowe

Tukvpvtce - Anna Marshall                                                Ofuskee - Randall Hicks

Tulsa - Robert Huft                                                              McIntosh - Darrell Proctor

California Mvskoke Connection visits MCN

CMC trip to Muscogee Creek Nation was exciting and extremely busy. We visited several MCN departments to learn more about their services and how we can partner to expand additional services to District 9 citizens. 

Shelly Harjo-Davis of Creek Talk Citizens who Care organized a meet and greet where we met with citizens and discussed various topics our Nation is currently facing. Our conversation will be featured in a documentary by Becca Landsberry. I will keep everyone updated. The documentary crew will be coming to California to learn more about District 9 citizens.

CMC will be working on the following items: 

  1. Air Conditioning Program for elders offered through Tribal Energy. District 9 elders are eligible for this tribal program but the way the program is set-up makes it impossible for delivery/installation of air conditioning unit. CMC will work with NC to improve this program to serve all Mvskokvlke!

  2. District 9 Communities - CMC decided to wait until after the elections to address the issue of organizing California Mvskoke Community. Now that we have a new Administration and National Council, we will move forward to addressing this long overdue issue. Once I complete my proposal I will post for everyone to review. 

  3. District 9 Representation - CMC will continue to advocate for equal representation for our District 9 citizens. The Tribal Energy Air Conditioning Program is a clear example of non-representation. 



MCN Resources

Department Highlight

Contracting Employment Services Office (CESO)


Program is not a federally funded program and have the capability of assisting District 9 Citizens. Funds can be used for items needed to begin employment or maintain current employment. Items such as; work clothing, tools, training, certification, licensure and hardship assistance are examples of assistance provided.

Contact Edith Baker

T: (918) 752-7592 or Email: ebaker@mcn-nsn.gov

MCN Constitution

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Constitution with Annotations

Election Code

Learn more about our Election Codes.

MCN Codes

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Code Annotated

National Council

Meet our National Council and learn how they help Mvskokvlke


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District 9

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